Frequently Asked Questions

I currently offer both in-person and online individual psychotherapy for women in New York and Connecticut ages 18 and older. I offer in-person services in my therapy office based in Larchmont, NY. For online sessions, I use a streamlined, HIPAA-compliant teletherapy platform called Simple Practice.

Good candidates for treatment include women and individuals who identify as women who wish to seek help with depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, body image issues, or any issue that they find is tripping them up in the arenas of love or work. I also specialize in the areas of fertility, pregnancy related issues, postpartum anxiety and depression, and issues related to perimenopause and menopause so women who fall into any of these categories would be good candidates as well. 

Please note that my practice is LGBTQ+ friendly and I welcome LGBTQ+ identified individuals as well as individuals who are questioning their sexuality. Also, I have experience working from a multicultural perspective and welcome diversity in all forms. 

I have chosen to focus my practice on the particular needs of women, but I wholeheartedly endorse the importance of psychotherapy treatment for men as well! If you are a man who is in need of treatment, I am happy to provide you with a referral to a trusted colleague.

I find that there are a lot of misconceptions about a psychodynamic or psychoanalytic therapeutic approach. Some people might imagine a reticent, “blank slate” therapist who gazes off in the distance and rarely comments. This is NOT how I practice. 

Though I always take plenty of time to listen, I consider myself to be a full, active participant in the therapy process. To me, working from a psychodynamic approach means that I am particularly attuned to the ways that maladaptive relationships or patterns of behavior that arose in the past find a way to play out in the present. This means that I am interested in the past only to the extent that it is affecting the present. I also believe in the power of the unconscious and try to help uncover the ways that it can inadvertently influence our thoughts, feelings, dreams and behavior, often outside of our conscious awareness.

The short answer is, it depends. The duration of therapy is largely dependent on what an individual hopes to achieve in therapy. Some clients find that they have benefitted enough over the course of several weeks or months that they feel comfortable ending treatment. Others may find that they want to delve deeper into therapy over a longer stretch of time in order to maximize the potential for change and self-understanding. These women might decide to seek longer-term therapy.

Many women opt to schedule psychotherapy sessions on a weekly basis though I also have women who choose to schedule sessions twice per week in order to allow for greater depth and exploration and for more continuity between sessions. The frequency of sessions is something that can be discussed in more depth either during our initial phone call or during the intake session.

During the intake session, I will listen and gather information to try to get a better sense of your struggles and to learn what you hope to gain from therapy. Together, we will formulate a plan that takes into account your key concerns and your specific goals for treatment. Should we decide to work together on an ongoing basis, we will schedule once or twice weekly therapy sessions as deemed appropriate. If, for whatever reason, it does not appear to be a good fit then I will provide you with an appropriate referral to another clinician or treatment program.

As a psychologist, I am not permitted to prescribe medication. If during the course of treatment you and I feel that a medication consult is warranted then I can provide you with a referral to a psychiatrist. In these instances, I will ask for your consent to be in contact with your psychiatrist so that together we can be sure to provide you with high quality, collaborative care. 

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