Lisa Goldfine, PH.D.

Clinical Psychologist
Providing Therapy for Women

How Can I Help?

Women have unique mental health needs. Too often these needs are overlooked or minimized in traditional therapy settings. 

I provide a safe, dedicated space for women as they explore a wide range of issues including, but not limited to, relationship challenges, feelings of anxiety or depression, trauma, self-esteem or body image issues, and trouble achieving a work-life balance that feels sustainable.

I also help women navigate their current phase of life, whether that’s:

  • embarking on dating, marriage, divorce, or widowhood
  • thinking about getting pregnant
  • struggling to become pregnant or stay pregnant
  • dealing with the “baby blues” or other postpartum issues
  • trying to feel like an effective parent to a newborn toddler, or school-aged child or adolescent
  • entering peri-menopause, menopause, and beyond

No matter where you fall on the life-stage continuum, I’m here to help you better understand yourself and to work through your troubles together.

I am licensed in the state of New York as well as Connecticut, and I provide virtual telehealth sessions through an easy-to-use, secure, and HIPAA-compliant video portal. I also offer in-person therapy services in my office based in Larchmont, NY. My clients span Westchester, Manhattan, New York City and the broader metropolitan area as well as Connecticut.


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